Dead Legs or Butterflies in the Belly?

After a decent seven mile run at eight minute pace Sunday, I took off yesterday and just came back from a lunch-time 10k at 8:30 pace. To sum, I'm way tireder than I should be. Whether that's because it's been too long between races that my motivation needs a little boost or Sunday's run was a bit brisker than it should've been or I'm just getting cagey about next Sunday is hard to say, but I'm eager to get some fire back in my belly.

Good news is, I know it's coming. Sunday's race will leave me feeling good, as will the one after that and the one after that. My fitness level isn't anywhere near top-of-my age-group yet, but there's something about the race experience that serves to fire me up, and it's been two months since I raced.

As a "diabetic triathlete," I should blog more about diabetes, but truth is, recent weeks have been easy. The diabetes is on autopilot for hour long workouts: I have a small 5o gram meal an hour before exercising, don't take insulin, take off the pump and put the pump back on after I exercise, and everything is fine. Then again, this Sunday's race is in the morning when the same diabetic rules don't apply.


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