Wow, Do My Knees Feel Great. :)

So today I finally was able to take the Cannondale out on the road.... After buying it a week ago and taking a few days to get it road-worthy, I was treated to four days of solid rain. Not funny. Add to that a sore knee from the race on Saturday and I was going out of my mind.

While it's still pretty much a rainy today today, it was dry enough to hit the pavement for a lunch-time jaunt.

Cycling is always such an interesting contrast to running. Generally speaking, running seems to have a fairly constant amount of pain (depending on the workout). Your run is either easy or hard or somewhere in between and while hills have a nominal effect on the amount, it's all relatively constant. Cycling, however, is as easy or as hard as the road beneath you. A rip-roaring twenty-five mph downhill can give way to a hard-charging level stretch followed by a quad-numbing ten mph uphill - and all of this can (and does) happen within two or three minutes.

All in all, it was a lot of fun. :)

According to my little cyclometer, I went a bit more than 11 miles in 49 minutes. This is not fast. It's not even close to fast. Then again, a. it's windy today b. I'm not in cycling shape (yet) and c. I was more concerned about making sure everything was mechanically sound than I was in finding myself exhausted five miles from the office.


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