Several Months After the Fact....

Assuming there's a biography about me someday - something behind this blog, for instance - it would be curious to see how 2006 gets written about. Particularly, if the biography is about Marcus Grimm, the "writer."

In many ways, 2006 could go down as my most "successful" year ever. My stories have appeared in two anthologies this year. "A Hell of a Deal" appears in the Horror Library from Cutting Block Press, and "Everything is Something to Somebody" can be found in "Rebel Voices" from Rebel Press. Today comes word that the latter has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize.

Now here's the kicker: In the past year, I've written zero fiction. Nada. Not a line.

Keep in mind, it's been a good year. Heck, a great year. I love my job and a couple of freelance clients ensure we'll have a nice Christmas. And let's not forget about the half-marathon a few months ago, either... But it's odd having a relatively accomplished writing year in a year when I've actually accomplished so little. Book publishing is weird. It takes a few years after you write the words to really know if they sucked or not.

In other news, I'm going to look at a Cannondale on Wednesday, and I can't wait. :)


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