Wipeout... and Recovery

So Saturday I had a nice 15.5 mile ride... well nice except for the part where I wiped out about a mile into it... it wasn't a high-speed wreck by any stretch, but it did serve to prove that the Craigslist Cannondale really needed a tune-up before I hurt myself even worse.

Three days and $109 later, the bike has new brake pads, new brake cables, a new black wrap and a new chain, which means I should be less of a hazard to myself in the coming months.

I'm still using my original elbow, bloodied though it may be.

Glad the bike thing is working out, though - tried for a run on Sunday and it was a joke. My knee is truly interested in an off-season... I'm thinking of giving it a week. So long as the bike weather is ok, that should be fine.

Race results have been posted for the York White Rose Run... I came in 99th among 155 men, which isn't great. Then again, I've been running for all of 4 1/2 months... all things considered, it ain't so bad. But I'm eager to do better... faster, longer, more... challenge in all its forms is a great thing.


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