Happy D-Blog Day, Uh, I Guess...

So according to diabetics blog-wide, today is D-Blog Day, the day when those of us affected by diabetes are supposed to blog about it. Or draw awareness to diabetes... Or something like that.

I'm really a bad poster child for the disease. Not because I'm not in great control (actually, I am), but because I've just never been bothered by the disease so much.

Red sums it up well in Shawshank Redemption: "Get busy living, or get busy dying." So if living means three blood sugar tests a day, so be it. If living means being hooked up to an insulin pump, go to it.

That being said, I feel for anyone with diabetic kids... I'm a tough guy about the disease. I wouldn't be if my kids had it. If either of my kids had diabetes, I'd be screaming about the politicians who are spending money on wars instead of research, and I'd be yelling about the schools that make it difficult to be a diabetic in the classroom.

But my kids don't have diabetes, so instead I complain about war money that's being stolen from cancer research, and I complain because the school recesses are getting shorter and dammit, kids need recess.

But as for me, I'd rather get busy living.

So Happy D-Blog Day. If you know a diabetic, give 'em a hug. If you're having a party and there might be a diabetic there, make sure there's at least one bottle of diet soda. I think that's the only diabetic pet peeve I have.... Twenty-two years with the disease and I still can't go to a holiday party at my sister's house and get a diet soda. What's up with that?


  1. Anonymous10:53 PM

    Not bothered? Fantastic!

    Happy D-blog day to you indeed.

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