Road Warrior....

So the truth of the matter is I didn't start running again to be a runner.

My goal when I hit the road in July wasn't so that I could be the guy I was in 1990, who ran 70 miles a week, six days per week. Actually, my goal was to be the guy who raced bicycles in '87. I loved doing that. It was invigorating and exciting and fun.

But it's also expensive as hell. And until July, I hadn't actually been physically active in years. So I told myself that if I got into shape I'd let myself get back into biking (and triathlons - since I do enjoy swimming and running, too).

However, even though I'm healthy, I'm still cheap and I kept my eyes open for a loooong time. Finally, a week ago on Craigslist, I spotted a Cannondale R600. Now, it's not this Cannondale R600, but rather a Cannondale R600 from 1996. Granted, in 1996 it was still a thousand dollar bike, but ten years is ten years...

Similarly vintaged models were going for about 350 on E-bay. This, however, was on Craigslist, which meant I drove twenty minutes to see it. And buy it. For $125. :)

I took it down in the basement, figuring that it would need a week of work and 100- 150 bucks of repairs until it was ready.

Instead, it took twenty minutes of wiping up, tweaking and lubrication and this thing is ready to go. Frankly, I'm shocked at my good fortune.

Good thing the bike was cheap - I had to spend double that amount for shoes, helmet, gloves, etc... Like I said, this sport ain't inexpensive. But I'm ready to go and can't wait.

Except, I signed up for this road race tomorrow morning, which means - for 1 day at least - the bike will have to wait.


  1. Anonymous6:14 PM

    Good luck on your race...I just signed up for a Turkey Trot (on turkey day!) in Long Beach...

    And, as a result, ran 6 miles this morning. (Getting know!)


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