Slightly More than 1 Horsepower

Last week, I mentioned the fun of trying to run down an Amish buggy from my Cannondale... I was hauling him in, but the wind was in my face, I was tired and before I could do so, he turned off the road.

Today: same road, different buggy (I presume), fresher legs and less wind. I caught up to him on an uphill and hung out behind him for a minute until we crested the hill... Blew by him on the downhill, which was really cool... until I popped my chain on the way down (obviously the Craigslist Cannondale still needs tweaked a bit). But it was a big downhill, so I coasted all the way down... hopped off the bike and popped the chain back on and was on the road with the buggy still behind me.

Today was my fourth ride on the Cannondale... 4th ride in a row with a faster average mph... 2/10th of a mph better than Saturday's ride and only 6/10ths of an mph from being respectable.

Planning on a lunch-time ride tomorrow, rest day Thursday, bike Friday and bike or run Saturday... hard to know if the knee is ready to run on, yet -- it doesn't make a peep unless I'm running.


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