Not a baby jogger in sight...

So last Saturday was the York White Rose Run - five miles of - mostly- flat terrain through the city of York, PA. This would be my first race since the half marathon six weeks prior and my first five mile race since... hmmm.... 1989 (!).

The goal for this one was to break forty minutes. After my hm, my trusty McMillan calculator said that 41:33 would be a good goal for a five miler, so I rounded down and decided to go for forty. The past six weeks haven't been optimal for training, though... After the hm, I'd taken two weeks off to let my foot heal, and since then, I've only been running two to three days per week, never more than 5.5 miles... That being said, some of those workouts were very quick and felt if all went right, I'd be able to hit my goal.

It was a smaller field than most races - I haven't seen any results yet but I'll be surprised if the group was bigger than 200. There were, however, a handful of impossibly sculpted Kenyons.

The start was smooth, though I had no idea if I was pacing myself well. Unlike the hm, I didn't have any friends to talk to or rationalize pacing with.... All worked out well, though, as I went through the first mile in 7:25. The second mile was a carbon copy of the first - flat and fast and I came through the two mile in 15:00.

Around this point, a fellow passed by me with a baby jogger. I'm not a proud guy, and at least three of these things beat me in my 5k in August. This time, though, Daddy day-care had to face what was a sudden and brutal uphill at the end of the third mile. Stuck in the middle of an otherwise easy course, he quickly slowed to a walk and I went by him at something barely faster than a slow jog.

I went through the four mile split at 31:32, and realized that as long as I had a decent level of stamina, I'd break forty. The last mile went fine, though and I finished in 39:20, meaning my splits were 7:25, 7:35, 16:32 (for two miles - I forget the 3m split), and 7:50.

Diabetes-wise, it was an uneventful race.... I was 247 a half-hour before the race, took two and a half units of insulin to bring me down (and also to compensate for the hour I'd have my pump off) and was 140 at the end of the race... a smidge high, but nothing too bad, at all.

Today, though, is a bummer... I wanted to ride my bike, but it's cold and rainy and my knees are still too post-race sore for a run... well, maybe a short one when the sun goes down...


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