A Bit Blustery Today....

So the Cannondale and I took a nice twelve and a half mile jaunt over lunch. In terms of mileage/time, it was a slight improvement over Tuesday's ride, but given the windy conditions, I think the *athletic effort* was definitely more intense. The course was awesome though - rolling hills past mostly Amish farms and probably no more than ten cars passing me the entire time. Very cool.

Riding among the Amish is a nice treat... Tuesday I passed a school house just as the kids were getting out. The boys all cheered when I flew by (fortunately it was a gentle down hill, so I actually was flying - a little.). Later on that same ride, I passed by an old Amish man pushing a scooter. Only in Lancaster County.

Today I chased a horse and buggy for about a mile and had almost pulled them in when they turned off the road we were on. I'll get 'em next time. ;)


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