Week in Review

Very peculiar week in the rearview.

The first half of the week was mighty disappointing... 2 fine days of cross training led to a speed workout on Wed., but I wasn't nearly recovered enough for it, as evidenced by a 147 HR... on my warm-up (!)... Not a good sign, and I abandoned the work-out at the mid-point.

Followed that up with a 6.5 mile trail run Thurs.. the trails were good for my legs and I felt some better, by my HR was still elevated a bit.

Friday showed more gradual improvement, and I sandwiched 3 miles of tempo inside a 6 mi. run, though I'm being generous by calling it a tempo... the fast miles were only about 7:40-7:45.. just didn't have energy back yet, but I still felt like I was *getting there*.

Yesterday was a rest day.

Today was my first 20 mile run ever, completed on a newly renovated rail-to-trail.. no hills, you see, are a great way to cheat a 20 miler.

Originally, I planned to go 8:30 for the first ten and 8:15 for the second ten. The first ten were around 8:25, but I still wasn't feeling great and thought I'd just hold steady for the second ten. But there's a certain amount of emotional lift you get when you turn around on an out-and-back. More importantly, the most wonderful blessed breeze hit me in the face. When it was all over, I'd average 8:05 for the second ten, bringing the entire run in @ 8:15 (goal was 8:13-8:28).

Most amazing? My average HR was only 143.. which John promised me would happen. My fastest mile was the 20th, when I was quite eager to be done: 7:46.

All in all, a great end to a week that didn't hold much promise.

Diabetes-wise, I planned to do blood sugar tests at 5, 10 and 15 miles. Except I forgot a lancet, which made it tough to make myself bleed. So, I had faith that 1 gel every 5 miles would be what I'd need.. Fortunately, I was right. When I got home, the blood sugar was 118. It's good to see I'm figuring this out, as ideally I'd like to do the Marathon without stopping to test. So long as the body is this predictable, I'll be able to.


  1. Anonymous10:43 AM

    Wow dude, that's great! 7:46 20th mile...congrats!

    If you want, I can always bandit portions of Harrisburg and stick you in the finger to take your blood ;)


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