Nah, sidelined is pushing it, but I do have a pretty good headcold, and have pretty much elected not to do my interval workout today.

Recovery after my first 20 mile run on Sunday has gone actually better than expected. I was sore Monday, and cross-trained last night on the elliptical. Today, my legs actually feel pretty good, but my head is wicked stuffed up. Right now, I'm thinking an easy 6-8 miles this pm will be about right. I'm off today on vacation. Ironically, had I known I'd be sick, I would've made it a sick day. Oh well...

More interesting: I picked up the book that goes into great detail about the FIRST plan I'm following for my marathon. While I'm not following the plan perfectly, it's the one that I'm closest to and one that I'm very interested in from a philosophic standpoint... I'll post mini-reviews and insights as they come.


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