Of Running and Not Blogging...

Well, as evidenced by my week of non-blogging, I was on vacation. 1 week of sun, sand, sat, wave runners, boats, funnel cakes and not a wireless internet connection to speak of.

But there was running.

The day after we got to Ocean City, I did 16 miles on the pancake flat Coastal Highway of OC, MD. Longest run ever. Flattest run ever.

At home, Monday would've been a cycling day. I was on vacation, so I boogie-boarded.

At home, Tuesday would've been a cycling day. No bike, so I did a 5 mile run, easy pace.

Wed. was a brutal pyramid workout at 7am, to avoid the heat that would eventually go to 100. I did a 1200, 1000, 800, 600, 400 and 200. The first two and last two were under goal pace. The 800 was a smidge over and the 600 was way over, but I never could figure out how to pace a 600.

At home, Thursday would've been a cycling day. On vacation, it was a rest day.

Friday was supposed to be a 7 mile tempo run, but I made it an easy paced run, because after Saturday's rest day (and return trip home), Sunday was the Half-Wit Half-Marathon, billed as one of the hardest half-marathon trail runs East of the Mississippi. It was a big race - nearly 500 people, from as far away as California, Florida and Washington. Basically we ran up and down a mountain about five times. I nearly fell six times, though never did. As an experiment, I carried my Camel-Bak and enjoyed it. I also tested my blood sugar. It was 200 at the start (had to knock it down from 258, due to adrenaline), 126 at the mid-point and 116 at the end. I took two gels during the race.

Trail races are tough... you go from wishing you could pass people one minute to having no desire to the next, as the terrain changes. You never get bored, either, because you're only 1 dumb step away from a broken ankle. But it was cool. Quite cool.

I'd expected to finish around 2:15 and in the end, I did - a 2:13:57, which was good for 134th out of 500ish on a brutal brutal course. I expect more detailed results in the next few days.

Today was a cycling day and I'm sore as all get out. But vacation is over, so I rode over lunch. So much for a vacation :)


  1. Anonymous9:23 PM

    Good show. That is about how a vacation should go. And good work on the Half-Wit...seems about right for you ;) (I kid because I care)


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