Bye Bye July...

A little review of July:

Total miles: 158.8 - my most since I came back to running 13 months ago. That's 21% more than June (which had been a 30% up-tick from May). However, there were also a few cross-training days in the month, too. It's a decent number - certainly more than some of the blogs I read and certainly way less than other blogs I read.

Three runs of 12 miles or more. That's definitely the highlight of the month as I move into Marathon season.

Six trails runs - this did a lot to keep me healthy.

Speed work was comprised of two good interval workouts and two races. These all went well.

There were also three tempo runs. I'd say 1 of these was excellent, 1 was fair and 1 sucked. This is my weakness right now.

Two races: a five mile run with a PR that I felt OK about and 1 mile time trial that had nice results, all in all.

During the month, I trained with Clif Recovery, Accelerade and Ultima Replenisher electrolyte replacement drink. I was unimpressed with the Clif (too sugary, doesn't dissolve well and only tastes ok), felt Accelerade was decent because it's readily available in most stores pre-mixed and fell in love with Ultima. Ultima's barely-any-sugar formula is especially great for diabetics and makes an ideal combo with gels on long runs. I think I'll probably move back to Endurox for recovery drinks, though. Tastes great, dissolves easy and seemed to "work better" than the Clif for recovery. One problem - my local retailer has stopped carrying Endurox, so I need to find a new source.

What's on tap for August?

* Not necessarily more miles. With cross training, the total for the month likely won't go much higher than it is now, and could go down.

* More longer runs. The weekend runs for the next 4 weeks will be 15, 13, 20 and 18 miles.

* Better thinking on tempo runs. I waffled on what I wanted these runs to be during last month. This month, I'm sticking to my plan.

* First half-marathon since last September. However, it's the Half-Wit Half Marathon - a nasty trail race, so it'll be a great workout, but won't give me much of a gauge of where my fitness is.

* Stay healthy. Stay healthy. Stay healthy.

I didn't say much about the diabetes because - thankfully - there isn't much to say. Just came from a check-up and my most recent A1C was 6.6. In the next month, I need to get a better feel for how to handle blood sugars on the really long runs, but all's good on that front right now, too.


  1. Ooooh...deep seated jealousy that you're doing Half Wit. I *love* that race ( Can't risk a turned ankle or loss of any limb this year with only a few weeks out to my A race.

    Have a total blast! Oh, and did you see the great article on Ron in (i think) Runners Times?


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