Them Trail Dudes Can Fly....

Further proof that a. I've got lots of room to improve on the trails and b. Casual runners don't roll out of bed and try races like the Half-Wit Half Marathon.

Results have been posted. Overall, I came in 134th/470 - Top 29%. In my Age-Group, I came in 40/85 - Top 47%.

Compare this to my last road race, when I was Top 14% overall and - well - it's pretty bad.

Here are a few other comparisons:

Smith's Challenge 10k trail run (in June): 26% overall.

Ugly Muddler Trail Run (in Feb.): 42% in my age group, 29% overall. In other words, about the same.

However, this was only my second half-marathon, and while I was in much worse shape during that race, there is at least that good news: In that race, I finished in the 55th percentile overall, and in the 64th percentile in my age group.

In other words, I've passed half the pack that was ahead of me this time last year, and 1/3 of the men in my age group that were ahead of me. But does that bode well for Harrisburg? Not necessarily. Judging by previous years, I'll need to be top 20% in my age group to crack 3:15, and more like top 10% overall. Juxtapose that with the fact that my best overall performance in a road race thus far is top 14% and the chance of me hitting 3:15 is likely somewhat slim.

Incidentally, I'm cool with that, too, and am handling my training very systematically. For the next six weeks, I'm going to do my training based on a 3:15 goal time. At the Hands-on-House Half Marathon, I'll aim for a 1:37:30 and decide if the last six weeks of my training should be devoted to 3:15 or something else.

And if you're an actuary or as obsessed with numbers and times as I am, consider this: I noticed a familiar name on the Half-Wit results. The guy beat me by 40 seconds per minute. Last year, the same guy ran the Hands-on-House 1/2 -- exactly 40 seconds per minute faster than my goal time for this year.... In other words, I'm close to my 1/2 Marathon goal and just need to do the work and see where I end up.


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