Sunday Review

Sunday called for an 18 mile run. Going into it, I wasn't really thinking 18 miles, though. I did 20 last weekend and am doing 20 next weekend, and we're still 2 1/2 months away from the marathon. I felt that if I did a long effort on a good trail, it would be close enough.

In the end, after several times of logistically trying to figure out how to get there/where to park, etc., I did 13 miles on the highly technical Conestoga trail. Had I known the trail would've been that technical, I probably wouldn't have done it. Monstrous hills, rocky terrain, etc. Don't get me wrong: this would probably be one of the prettiest hikes in Lancaster County, but for a long trail run (some short sections were perfect), this was ugly going.

While I'm a little bummed to be that short on mileage, with the elevation and terrain, I still ran my HR @ 140 for more than 2 hours, so I feel like I accomplished much of the goal of the run, without pounding my shins on the road.

The trail also passed by Wind Cave, a large tectonic cave. Without a flashlight, I didn't go in, but I stood in front long enough to feel the cold breeze! Very cool. And in fact, much of the scenery was gorgeous.

So Sunday evening we took the kids to see (warning: Google link bait coming) Drake Bell, Corbin Bleu, Bianca Ryan and Aly & AJ in Hershey. My wife says I am easily entertained, and she is right. I expected to be bored to tears, but the show was actually pretty entertaining. Here's my one line review for each:

Drake Bell - Your music reminds me of the Monkees. And that's ok. The Monkees were fun.
Corbin Bleu- You're so talented, I hate you. :) jk - also, you were the friendliest of the bunch. A class act all the way.
Bianca Ryan - How can I be so easily manipulated by songwriters that I thought the lyrics of a 12 year old were the best of the show? Great pipes, too.
Aly & AJ - You were very loud. Most of the crowd seemed to enjoy this. I didn't so much.

And to the parents of the girl in the pink shirt and pink baseball hat turned backwards in about row 12... the one who jumped up and down and pounded her first from the first note to the bitter end --- wow, you got your money's worth, though I'm scared to think what your 10 year-old will be like at 18.


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