Medtronic Minimed Has Rare Moment of Clarity

When I got my latest insulin pump last year, I was initially excited to learn that Minimed would be giving me a special blood sugar meter that would transmit results to my insulin pump via wireless. Very cool! Until I learned that the special blood sugar meter was a BD. Simply put, BD (though a medical company since virtually the first caveman boo-boo) has been very late to the blood sugar meter party, and has never brought anything new to the market. BD Meters have the same features now that other meters had five years ago. So I didn't use the BD and don't use the wireless signal.

Moreover, I wasn't a bit shocked when BD announced last year it was exiting the blood sugar meter business.

Now Medtronic has figured out that if you want to look cutting edge, you should have cutting edge partners. The next meter to send wireless signals to the insulin pump will be a Lifescane One Touch, like it should've been from the beginning. There are plenty of good meters out there, but no one is pushing the technology like One Touch. Good call, Medtronic. I will definitely use this. Heck, I already use One Touch stuff now and have been for years. I'll just need the new meter w/ the wireless signal.


  1. I can't wait to see what they work up together.

    I imagine it will be a modified version of an existing meter. Maybe it'll even come in colors!

    Can I confess that I wanted to drive a wooden stake through my BD. I only use it now to download readings.


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