Just a Pathetic YAY-ME Recovery Post

I walked today over lunch for 20 minutes, and my shin behaved.

Actually, it was a little stiff at the beginning but felt pretty good at the end. It's still a little tender and I'm not going to dive back into a full workout schedule, but I'm hopeful I may have dodged the stress fracture bullet. Dathan Ritzenheim said somewhere (though I can't find the quote) that stress fractures don't get better as the workout progresses. Sounds good to me.

The plan: I think I'm going to go the park tomorrow and try a 2-3 mile jog. Nothing fancy. Nothing fast. Just kind of shake things loose and see what happens.

More and more, I am thinking the Brandywin Duathlon would be a good key race for spring. A spring marathon is out, and I'm concerned that going for a half-marathon PR in spring might be too stressful, too. But a plan that's focused on the Du would force me to cross-train a lot. That would find me fit and healthy by Mid-April, perfect time to ramp up mileage for a summer of racing and a fall marathon.

At least, that's the plan today.


  1. Anonymous7:39 PM

    Excellent, great news.

    Happy jogging tomorrow.


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