Dreaming in Duo

My shin is feeling a lot better. Not, "Hey I was just kidding, let's go bust out seven miles" better, but "Maybe if you stay off me two or three days I'll let you back out on the roads."

Which is fine with me. As a matter of fact, I decided to handle my rehab. this way:

1) Throughout all of this, I'm riding bike several times per week.
2) When I have my first day with no shin pain, I will not run.
3) The day after that day, I'll attempt a brisk walk. I read yesterday that a brisk walk approximately doubles the force on your legs, so it's a good test, but not the same type of test that running would be.

However, I figured out something yesterday. I don't have to do a triathlon that I don't train 1/3 for. If Feb. and March. allow me to train, I could do my first Duathlon. The Brandywine Valley Duathlon isn't five minutes from my house (more like an hour), but it has two runs, which plays to my strength, and zero swims, which plays to my biggest weakness. It does have a bike in it, which I won't do great in, but if I do spend much of the next eight weeks on the bike, I might as well get something for it, ya know?

So I'll be thinking about that a lot over the next few weeks, but it seems like the type of challenge I haven't done before, which would be cool.

Funny thing is, thinking about this all yesterday caused me to dream about it last night. One of the hardest things to get used to last year prior to the tri (for me) was thinking about all the crap that's involved. With running, it's shoes, my Garmin and clothing. With the tri, I was obsessed about my goggles for swimming and a million different things having to do with my bike - helment/shoes/gloves/the-fact-that-the-bike-is-old-and-likely to break/tires, etc....

Last time, I dreamed about the duathlon and while the visuals were cool and motivating, the emotion I remember is fear: fear that I'll forget something and that something would break.

So long as that "something" isn't my tibia, though, I can take it.


  1. You didn't think I came here anymore, didya? Huh? HUH?

    I'm braving the duathlon, too. I figure it will be a perfect way to beat my ego into submission before the season starts. Running is my weakness. You do the math.

    So, if you decide on yes for the du, we're going to have to figure out a gang sign to flash when we finally do meet.

  2. How could we miss? As near as I can figure, I'll pass you on the run, you'll pass me on the bike and then - God-willing, we'll stumble over the finish about the same time! :)


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