Going... Up!

Before the main story, last week in review:
Monday - supposed to be a "base" run day, but I knew Tuesday would have to be a base day, so I did hills again. That was rough.
Tuesday - 6mi. base run. I am becoming Captain 7:39.
Wednesday - 4miles, recovery-ish.
Thursday - Was supposed to be a tempo, but I had some trouble recovering from the hills. Made it a base.
Friday - recovery w/ the gang from work. Just over 4 miles.
Saturday - rest.

So, Sunday. I'd been in contact w/ a guy I went to high school with who's training for his second Ironman and has a sub. 3 marathon on his resume. We decided to get together for a trail run at Mt. Gretna, one of the more scenic (and hilly) trail areas around me and the only significant one I hadn't run at before. Fortunately, the guy I was with trains there often.

My plan called for 8 miles but being a serious guy who trains by time, my friend decided to go an approximate route he knew, which turned out to be just over ten miles. Didn't mind a bit, though, as I felt great.

Two things to note: I didn't feel great early on, but the MotionBased link shows why. The first three miles were a ton of uphill. From that point on, I was pretty comfy for most of it. Second: check out how well this guy knew the trails. We did more than ten miles of one big loop - only doubled-back for 1 tiny part. How cool is that? Not nearly enough opportunities like that around here. Sadly, I'll need to do it a few times more 'til I have faith that I could find my own way.

This week: Things are mixed up since I'm going long on Friday, but the plan is: M-Recovery, T-400's, W- Recovery, Th-Base, Fri-Long, S-Rest, Sun- Tempo or Base.


  1. I think you can use your Garmin to try re-running the same course.


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