The Marathon Nutrition Plan...

Here's the plan for next Sunday, nutrition-wise:

1) Powerbar for Breakfast, about two hours before the marathon. Take enough insulin to put me on the starting line with a blood sugar of 180-200.
2) Run insulin pump at .05 units per hour - the lowest setting it has.
3) Have a tangerine, double-caffeine Powerbar gel every 4 miles. I had originally planned to do one every five miles, but I've been running low on recent long runs. Turning the pump off seems to result in high blood sugars and I can't set it any lower. I also considered leaving it off for the first 90 minutes and then turning it on, but I've never experimented with this. Moreover, this only results in me having 1 extra gel in the race and 27 extra g. of carbs. *shouldn't* push me dangerously high. Finally, recent research seems to indicate that more gels might be better for you (IF your stomach can handle it. One advantage diabetes has given me is that I can pretty much eat anytime, anywhere, anything, as the disease sometimes requires that of you.)
4) Sip Gatorade G2 from a bottle the whole way, trading bottles off with my support crew (father-in-law) at the 6, 12 and 18 mile marks.

Like last year, I will probably take the ultra-mini blood sugar meter with me, but like last year, I don't plan on testing. I have very little time to spare to get to Boston and have to have faith in my training and practice to get me there. However, *if* I'm a mess and have no shot at Boston, it'd be prudent to stop and test and get my act together.


  1. Marcus, GOOD LUCK! I'll be thinking of you, do it for all us Diabetics who are striving for the same thing! ENJOY!

  2. Good luck Marcus... We'll be with you in spirit. Trust the training & plan and try to enjoy yourself!


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