Vibram Runs #4 and #5

What is happening is that Vibram runs are getting longer and faster. What isn't happening, so much, is that they aren't getting easier, yet.

On Saturday, I planned to run to the local pharmacy and back. I thought it was 4 miles, but it turned out to be 5.1 - the furthest I've gone "barefoot" yet.

Yesterday, I did 4 miles at a barefoot PR pace of 8:31 miles, including one of them @ 8:15. All of which sounds good, except for the fact that the soreness in my legs after four miles @ 8:30 pace is fairly equal to the day after a hard interval day in shoes.

So mostly I'm thrilled with how the transition's going, but also looking forward to having my legs completely make the adjustment.

Interesting to note: the Vibrams are AWESOME at protecting the feet. All of my soreness is in my calves and a little in my one achillies. My feet - believe it or not - feel great. Also, my biggest complaint during the first week was cold feet and while my toes are still colder than when wearing shoes, that's gotten better, too.

That being said, I'm taking a break from them today - looking forward to a typical six over lunch. I might wear my Nike Frees or the Asics Nimbus -- still not sure about that.

But operation Barefoot Runner continues to go well.

In other news, the Series finale of The Shield is tonight and I am bummed. It's been my only CAN'T-MISS show for quite a few years now and I'll miss watching the crooked cops squirm every Tuesday night.


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