Cure on the Horizon?

Seriously, you can google "cure diabetes" and spend the day chasing down witch doctors and herbal supplements online.

Still this video from NBC, of all places, is quite encouraging. Thanks to Kerri for posting this first. Unlike her, I didn't cry (not that there's anything wrong with that). Truth is, I don't think I waste much time on hope, going with Red's quote from Shawshank: "Hope's a dangerous thing - it can drive a man insane."

Just because I'm curious, I googled "Gleevec costs" and "Sutent costs." When treating Leukemia, it seems we're in the neighborhood of $32,000 per year (though the article does point out that the drug might not need to be taken more than a few months to cure diabetes).

But - assuming this works on people - that will be the next thing the bean counters at the insurance companies work on. Is it worth $10,000 in drugs (four months use) for an 80% chance this diabetic can be cured?

Or perhaps a more poignant question: Would I pay $10,000 for an 80% chance of a cure?

Would you?


  1. yep. an insulin pump costs around $5k no?

  2. Anonymous4:53 PM

    IANAD...but I would pay it if I could.

    The idea that I could get out from under the disease, and all it did was cost money?

    Yeah, you betcha.

  3. Anonymous6:45 PM

    Absolutely! Freedom from the daily grind of 5 insulin injections, 8 fingersticks, carbohydrate counting and the worries of future "complications". Most important, I just want to worry about my split times in a long run, not my blood sugar. Gladly...


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