Two Sides to the US Team Running @ the Olympics...

The negative:

Dropping a baton isn't bad luck, it's bad execution. Responsibility for the relay debacle lies with many people and many groups, from administration to coaches to athletes. That's why, when these Games are completed, we will conduct a comprehensive review of all our programs. It will include assessments from inside and outside the USATF family, and included in the assessment will be the way in which we select, train and coach our relays.

BTW -- the fact that the USATF has a blog is cool. The fact that there is no feed is not.

The positive:

My Olympics four years ago when I had to drop out of the 10,000 doesn't compare to this at all. I carried that memory with me for four years. Dropping out was never an option today. If I had to sit on the side of the road and drink my bottles until I could get going again, that's what I would have done. I wasn't going to drop out again. Now there are more Olympics ahead for me, I hope. I've got to just keep climbing the ladder.


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