If You Are Diabetic Flying to England...

Don't leave your blood sugar meter on the plane. You'll have to buy one in England and then Google how to convert mml/L to mg/dl. At least, that's what I had to do.

While nobody in Manchester seems to have One Touch Ultra Smarts, the concept is similar to how it is in the US: sell the meter cheap and kill you for strips. So, I had a bright idea: I bought 2 meters for 10 pounds each, netting me 20 strips total, enough to get through my trip for only pounds. Sadly, 20 pounds is 40 bucks these days, but it still was cheaper than buying 1 meter and a bottle of strips.

One thing that was funny - the local pharmacy asked where I was staying and offered me the option of coming by and having my blood tested there. Why completely unreasonable for a diabetic on a pump, the offer totally cracked me up. :)

Running-wise, it's 20 degrees cooler here, which means running when I get home will be brutal, but is wonderful for the time being. Despite the jet jag, I managed six nice miles this AM. So far, so good.


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