My Feet Look Fast...

To thank me for coaching her to her first 5k (this weekend), the wife got me a pair of Nimbus 10's. Since my current pair had 280 miles on them, timing was perfect, as I go through the outsole in under 300 miles. But here's the cool part: she ordered the just-released bright yellow and black color. I friggin' love them.


  1. Agreed, pretty sweet! Too bad I have no arch :( I am a big fan of my Adistar Control 5's though

    Stay Healthy!


  2. I don't have any arch, either! These fast shoes will have my same boring orthotics inside them. :)

    Adidas makes some sweet looking shoes - they never seem to fit me well, though.


  3. Anonymous10:36 AM

    Now those are some PURDY shoes there, Mr. Grimm...

    Happy trails,

    Connie :)


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