Bye Bye July

Like a Ryan Howard home run, July is 'outta here. According to the log, I ran 168 miles. In all actuality, it's more like 190, but I don't put the wife's C25k miles in the log. Honestly, I don't know if I should or not. They're about 4 minutes per mile slower than my regular pace, but they are miles. I think of it as kind of doing a poor-man's double.

Even at 168, July's my biggest month ever, just nudging out July of 2007. This was due to good mileage on long runs, more mileage on recovery runs and only 2 missed workouts.

For August, I'm expecting similar mileage for the month. The long runs will get longer and I hope to boost the recovery runs a bit, too. However, that will be offset by a trip to the UK, which I figure will cost me 2-3 workouts. For that particular week, I'm considering the 3 core workouts to be critical, but will have to go easy on myself for the recovery runs while I adjust to jet-lag and do the work that needs done.


  1. Anonymous8:19 AM

    Marcus, Your blog is a great inspiration and I love reading it. I am a type one diabetic who is running her first half marathon in Vegas on Dec 7th. Do you have any recommendations on shirts or shorts to wear with pockets that are big enough to hold a glucose monitor and snacks??? I havent had much luck and thought I would at least ask! Thanks! Jenny

  2. Jenny,

    Thank you so much for the nice note and CONGRATS FOR TRAINING for the Vegas Half - which sounds like a very cool event!

    As far as shorts go, I'm a big fan of RaceReady... they have lots and lots of pockets. Mind you, they're not x-actly fashionable, but they're perfect. In fact, this year, I bought 3 more pairs and train in them pretty much exclusively. Some days, I carry lots of stuff and some days a little stuff, but it always fits well inside them.


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