For the past couple of weeks, I'd been feeling a bit cocky about my marathon plan. I'm up to 45ish miles per week, and the long runs are getting faster each time. I had zero - ZERO - pain. Good stuff.

But then I started to worry because my plan still doesn't have speed work for 3 more weeks. While this will give me 8 weeks of speedwork, it didn't seem like enough (considering I did FIRST last year, which had 16 speed workouts, nevermind the fact that I failed at MANY of them).

So I did 6 800's today w/ 90 second rests. The fastest was 3:08. The slowest was 3:10.

And now - like a good marathoner-in-training, I hurt. Everywhere. And I need a nap. And I'm already dreading my next speed workout.

Good news? Weekend after next, I'm running a half marathon, so next week will be a mini-taper/cutback week. Gee - I guess I won't be able to fit the speedwork in. :)


  1. You can't fail them (the FIRST Track Repeats) unless you don't do them . . .like me :P

  2. Anonymous11:40 AM

    I swear, intervals make me hurt more the next day then any long run.


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