So Much to Say... So Very Little Time to Say It...

After a gorgeous one week vacation, this past week nearly broke me.

After a monstrous half-marathon last Sunday (race report still forthcoming), this was my week:

1) 3 company dinners. All wonderful, but all quite late.
2) 4 lunch-time runs
3) 2 late nights of swimming (one meet for the kids, one party) on the two nights I wasn't out for work
4) 2 early mornings of running with the wife (who's training for a 5k)
5) 1 eye doctor appt. that went over two hours (However - that's always a scary appt. for diabetics, and yet, I now have avoided eye complications for 24 years running!)
6) 1 blood test for next week's doc. appt.

Like I said - this isn't a complaint. These were all necessary things (though I realize the term necessary isn't applied exactly right here), and they were all good things. But let me tell you: I'm wasted. Completely and totally fried.

I have a 13 miler tomorrow morning, which will give me nearly 50 miles in the past 7 days (including the runs w/ the wife I don't put in my log). After that, I'm aiming to crash hard on Sunday.

But I do have a race report forthcoming (including pics!) - a shout out to yet another OUTSTANDING diabetic runner - and continued reporting on the flotsam and jetsom of my life. But first, I need some sleep before the 13 miler.

One other note: I took this afternoon off and saw Hancock. Can I tell you how much I loved that very weird movie?


  1. I hear you on this one. Glad that week is in the books.

  2. Anonymous9:14 AM


    I stumbled upon your blog and love it so much I put up a link at mine.

    I can't tell you how much I admire you, manging to run ultras with diabetes. Those of us without this disease have a hard enough time doing it!

    For many years I worked as an American Diabetes Association volunteer; last year I did a Badwater Solo and my fundraising organization was the ADA.

    You are to be commended.

    Happy trails,

    Connie Karras

  3. Connie,

    Thanks so much for stopping by and for adding me to your blogroll! I've checked out your blog and have done the same...

    For clarification purposes, I'm only a diabetic marathoner -- not a diabetic ultra runner YET. Once I get the boston monkey off my back, though, I plan to migrate to all trails and ultras... but that's not until after a sub 3:15 in Harrisburg this fall. :)

    Tks so much for your help with the ADA... very very cool of you to give of yourself that way.



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