Consider Me.... Tempted.

Of late, I've been thinking about trying a pair of Brooks Glycerines. Why, I don't know? I love my Asics Nimbus 10's - heck, I'm already on my second pair, but I've been mulling it/considering it/thinking about it, which seems irresponsible. Why leave a perfectly good pair of shoes?

And now this: Brooks is giving me (and you!) 90 days to try out some of their shoes. 90 days, no questions asked. (Never mind the fact that at current mileages I only get 60 days out of shoes...)
Hmmm.... now would be a good time for Asics to send me a shirt or something to remind me that they're happy I'm a customer. While I can't be bought, I can definitely be rented, particulary for 90 days.


  1. interesting...I've been a pretty devoted Saucony fan since my first pair in 1989 but who knows, maybe there is a better shoe for me out there.

  2. I saw this in RW, and was tempted myself. I don't think I could ever part with my Nikes though LOL

  3. This is like the pusher who gives you the first round of drugs free with a smile on their face (or so I see in movies). I was not lured in.

  4. I have a totally different take on this. I already know that I would love a new pair of Dyad or Glycerin, but I might feel guilty about taking them and returning them after 89 days of use.
    That's the temptation I am resisting.

  5. Jerry,

    I actually wondered what I'd do if Asics did the same thing. I certainly wouldn't blame you. :)


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