Greatest Diabetic Runners?

Probably because I'm a diabetic runner, I love learning about (and learning from) great diabetic runners. I've been keeping my eye on Brian Duplechain, who hopes to be the first known diabetic to break four minutes in the mile.

Still, the mile is too much of a sprint for a long distance guy like me, so my nod to "best diabetic runner" would have to go to Missy Foy - the first diabetic to qualify for the Olympic Marathon Trials, who has since gone on to great success at the ultra-marathon distance.

All of which brings me to my point: Missy just launched a good looking website and has some great insights on her blog. Be sure to check it out!


  1. Anonymous4:10 PM

    I don't know - Brian is a darn good runner! He has an injury right now, but when he's back I think he'll hit the road running (sorry, bad pun).... Brian knows that I am in his corner, cheering all the way!! Run, Brian, run....


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