Back on the Grid....

Well, back from the beach, where we had a view of the bay and I had enough beers to keep micro-brewers happy for weeks to come.

In between, there were many runs, though this one was my favorite. I had a marathon pace workout scheduled that day... I ran 1 mile to the boardwalk and then ran 2 miles down the boardwalk. At the bottom of the boardwalk, I ran into 30 coast guard recruits just beginning their two mile fitness run. By the time I turned around, they had about a twenty second headstart. I decided to haul in as many of them as I could. When I reached their turnaround, only the first three were left in front of me. The extra motivation made it my easiest marathon pace run by far.

In my next post, though, you'll learn about my hardest run ever, just yesterday. But first - 200 e-mails I haven't gotten to, yet.


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