A Variety of Plans...

So, aside from the bloody nipple video from last week, it's been quiet around here, eh? As always, though, a quiet blog usually means a busy life:

1) Training is nearly back to pre-injury levels. Despite the fact that I promised to embrace cross-training again, apparently I lied because I ran five days last week and am planning on doing the same again this week. HOWEVER, I'm making certain that two of those days are very very easy paced - 8:30/mile or slower and no longer than four miles. The idea here is to build mileage slowly and steadily until June, when I start up my marathon plan. The only hard running I'll do until then is a few races:

Run 4 Luck. Advertised as a 4 miler, this course is short. However, it's a cool shirt and barely 2 miles from my house. How do I say, "No?" I don't. Goal time: 26:00.

Brave the Race 1/2 Marathon. A new half-marathon the first weekend in April. I won't be in peak shape for this one and I know very little about it. However, I love halves and it's closed to where my parents live, soooo....

2) In addition to my own training, I've started a C-2-5k program, which sounds a little strange, until one realizes that I'm doing it with my daughter. Last year, one of Allie's classmates completed the 5k Race Against Racism and she's had it in the back of her mind to do it ever since. I'm not sure why she's so inclined since the boy's Dad posted a rather non-flattering post-race pic of the kid. Nevertheless, we're into week five of the program, and she's doing great. This also means I'm currently adding a handful of other miles to my training (albeit, slow) which has taken up more of my time. But it's all fine and good. I'm also planning on running this one with her, too. As we head into the fall (and Allie's move into junior high), she's considering tennis, field hockey and cross country. I figure this race will either move cross-country up or off her list.

3) Another time zapper: We're in the process of finishing our basement. While that makes me sound handy, what that really means is I'm in the process of refinancing our mortgage so that someone infinitely more skilled than I will finish the basement. When done, we'll have three rooms: a big wonderful family room, a smaller "kid" room and... get this.. a small exercise room (which will likely become an office some day when the mid-life crisis passes). Thus far, everything's gone better than expected, which means the builder guy has lived up to all of his promises re: permits, insurance, etc... In fact, I think this guy might be a gem of a builder. We chose him because a. all he does is basements and b. he does 1 gig at a time. You can view his (less than stellar but better than most contractors') website here. Financing for the project is provided by my former boss and uber-clever mortage guy Ken Pederson. In the next two weeks, I should be closing on the loan and finishing the cleaning out the basement, at which point it should take less of my time.

4) Work has been fun, but busy. Between a local news story and an upcoming panel discussion in the Big Apple, I'm busy blabbing. Blabbing time means less blogging time.

So that's that. For now.


  1. I love that picture of the kid. Cracks me up.


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