2008 Run4Luck Race Report

Yesterday was the 4 miler Run4Luck - quite possibly the closest race there is to my house. Last year, I came in 27th in this one out of about 90, running it in 27:50. However, there were about 2 inches of packed snow on the road.

This year, I decided to set a crazy goal of sub 26. While 2 minutes faster, that's what I was hoping my fitness would give me. Also, moving to a probably half-marathon in a few weeks, I wanted to know if I could go after a 1:30. According to V-Dot, I needed a sub 26 to be within 90 seconds.

Also, last year I came in the 4th in my age-group. I knew that with good weather, the crowd would be bigger, but I hoped I could sneak into my age group placing. However, early in the week I got my first cold of the winter, so I wasn't sure how strong I'd be, even though I'm well on the mend.

Off the gun, I settled into about tenth place and tried to relax. The first mile's a wicked downhill and it took a lot of will-power to hold back. I wanted to come through at 6:20, but instead pulled a 6:08. However, last year I totally blew up on the second hilly mile (7:55), so I wasn't too upset when I came through the second mile at 13:13 (for a 7:05 second mile). Last year's splits showed quicker 3rd and 4th miles, so I thought I had a shot at sub 26.

Going into the last mile, I was trading places with a tough high school kid. I knew he wasn't in my age group, but I also knew that there was a small pack of guys not too far back... Remembering how I was out-kicked for an AG award last year, I put myself in some serious pain this time, even surprising myself when I dropped the kid in the last half mile.

I came in at 25:56, 9th place overall out of 276 and 1st in my AG (The overall winner, however, was in my AG, but he took the overall money instead of the AG prize - a nice hat. :) ).

A cornucopia of people I knew were there, including co-workers Dave and Eric, pal Nate, and LRRC'ers Connie Buckwalter (continuing to look stronger in rehab) and another Dave. Also finally met Christian - a nice guy w/ LRRC who's planning his first 50k in the coming weeks.

Training's been going well. Took off today (aside from 2 miles w/ Allie), and will move my easy days up a mile to 5 this week, with a 12 miler on the weekend. Hoping to make a final decision on the half soon, but might have a tennis conflict with the daughter the same weekend... such is life. Either way, I'm pleased with my current health and fitness level. Feel good and strong overall - like I can hold my own in whichever race fits my world at present.

The goal is enjoy and build over the spring and begin serious marathon plan in June.


  1. Anonymous7:13 PM

    Wow. Fantastic job, Marcus. Congratulations - your training is really paying off!

  2. Congratulations, Marcus.
    Hit your goal time, age group victory, good combination of race strategy and just going for it.
    Way to go!

  3. Way to hit your goal Marcus!! I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Damn you're fast!


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