The Punisher Needs to Cut Back on the Ding-Dongs

Every now and then, you find yourself going down the rabbit hole of the Web. You find yourself someplace strange and think, "How the hell did I end up here?" This is one of those posts.

This report details the BMI of Marvel superheroes. Upon seeking out my fav. of the marvel characters - Frank Castle, aka the Punisher, I was going to start a rant about the BMI being flawed. After all, the report has my man tagged as being overweight. The Punisher I remember from the late 70's, though, was crazy strong, but tall and thinnish.

However, it turns out that Frank's been punishing himself with carbs.

I know your wife and kid are dead, Frank - but the answers can't be found in the pastry aisle.


  1. Thanks for stopping by! You make me laugh ;D My husband ALWAYS, ALWAYS uses that same line. "Ohhhhh yeah you are saving me money all the time by SPENDING IT" Gotta love it. You're wife and I need to hang out LOL

    Sometimes I'll be surfing and wonder the same thing, although you did fins something good here LOL


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