On the Track....

So yesterday I did a 6 mile lunch time jaunt on a terribly hot and humid day. Today, for some strange reason, I did a track workout. At noon. Outside. And it's hotter today.

Some of the guys at work had been talking about doing a track workout and I said, "What the heck." By the time noon rolled around, though, many had bailed and our group was down to just 3.

My marathon plan doesn't officially start for about three weeks, so I decided to do 4 or 5 800's, with a goal time of 3:15 per.

Did I mention it was about 92 degrees?

After a 1 mile warm-up, I did the first one too fast: 3:10
Then a 3:12
Then a 3:15
On the last one, I wanted to die and managed a 3:18.

I wanted to do a 1 1/4 cool down, but cooling wasn't really possible today, so I bagged it after a 400.

Why 3:15? The idea was to do Yasso 800's. According to Yasso theory, if you can do 8-10 800's at the same time (minute and seconds) as your goal marathon time (hours and minutes), you'll be able to hit your goal. My goal in November is 3 hours and 15 minutes. I knew I wouldn't be close to it today, but in the heat, I managed 4 of them. And that's not a bad place to start.

I have a long series of interval workouts in my marathon program, but will probably substitute them with Yasso's periodically to judge my fitness.


  1. You *ran* yesterday? OUTSIDE?

    Marcus, it's time to up the meds. That's just crazy.


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