May in the Rearview....

I've got not no business blogging today, with a trip to NYC next week and copious preparation to complete before I go, but given all that happened in May, it seems if I don't make note of it now, I probably won't.

Historically, May has been a big month from me... this goes back to May of '93, when - during three of the four weekends, I: attended my father's funeral, moved into my first apartment and got married.

I suspect on the fourth weekend, I slept.

This May:

1.) I took my first ever trip to England. It was cool. Awesome experience.
2.) We took the family to Disney. 6th trip of my life (4th with the wife - all in May) and second with the kiddos. Great time had by all.
3.) I ran over 100 miles -- my most since my return 11 months ago.
4.) Did a 12 mile run at 8:08 pace -- almost a half-marathon, almost a minute faster per mile than my half marathon last September.
5.) Skipped a week of running. - my first off since last October. That's right, in my month with my most miles, I didn't run for a quarter of the month.
6.) Ran 4 days in a row -- the first I've done that since I stopped cross-training and started focusing on running.
7.) I got a Garmin Forerunner, which has had a dramatic input on my workouts. Time doesn't permit me to go into it, but I love it. L-O-V-E it.
8.) Had my 14th wedding anniversary. Strange that such a smart woman hasn't gotten fed up with me yet.

All of which leaves me going into the Red Rose Run tomorrow feeling.... conflicted. I said I wanted this to be a month of more miles and slower miles and it was. And I'm hoping that endurance training leads to strength in the 4th and 5th mile tomorrow. But I'm also tired -- my legs feel heavy. Not exhausted, mind you, but a bit tired.

Will I be quick enough to go 33:30 tomorrow? Don't know, but that's my stretch goal and that's what I'm going for. The plan is a 6:30 first mile, followed by 4 @ 6:45.

And looking forward into June, I have a fun trail race planned mid-month, followed by the beginning of marathon training. And - thank God - only 1 two-day trip. It'll be nice to get back to normal.


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