On a Date With Destiny

In two weeks I officially begin training for the Harrisburg Marathon. This picture shows my weekly running mileage going back a year. It shows that I'm currently running 34-38 miles per week, which is a good place to be to start a marathon program.

The other thing to note is that during the spring I was a lot more active than this graph shows, as I was also biking and swimming in preparation for the triathlon (this graph only shows running), so my dramatic increase in time could be cause for injury alarm if my base hadn't been so strong.

Still, it's cool that May was a 100 mile month, and cooler that I've got a shot for 125ish for June.

I'm also reassured by the fact that this week I followed up a ten mile run on Wed. with a quality run on both Thurs. and Fri. My long run averaged 8:10 a mile, Thurs. was 8:11 and even today was an 8:26. All of which means that I'm in better shape now than I was a month ago when most of my easy runs were around 8:30. So like I said, good stuff.


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