What Kind of Marketing Organization Are You?

From Brand Autopsy:

In the May 29 edition of Brandweek, Constantine von Hoffman shares findings from a Booz Allen Hamilton study which asked marketing executives about the structure/function of their marketing department within their overall company. After analyzing the responses, Booz Allen researchers identified that there are six types of marketing organizations.

1 | Marketing Masters
2 | Senior Counselors
3 | Service Providers
4 | Brand Builders
5 | Best Practice Advisors
6 | Growth Champions

At Brand Autopsy, you can find a summary of each of these and then a question: which one are you? Funny thing is, most the people responding claim to be "Growth Champions," which might be a little self-serving and more than a little deluded. While that should be something we all strive for, I've found myself caught in each of the buckets from time to time.

Hey, even the guy who owns the restaurant has to clean the restrooms every now and then.


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