PrimoMailer is another new service for those of us who publish email newsletters. I took it for a short spin this morning. I'd say very short because it refused to let me enter any email addresses, which makes it kind of hard to given the fact that the mail has to go *somewhere*.

As some of you know, I'm a Zookoda fan, and have been using them for more than two months, now. PrimoMailer has a couple cool features I'm intrigued with - you can embed your entire blog within the email, for instance and supposedly Primo is better about deleting bad email addresses - but alas, I was unable to try it out to see for myself.

All in all, I think Zookoda's feed-based system is *probably* superior for my needs. And since it's totally free (You pay for more than 10 emails at Primo), I expect to be there for some time. But it's always good to check out your options.


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