Psst.. Wanna Buy a Book?

You're going to have to wait a month or so, but when the time comes I'm going to beg you to do yourself a favor and buy the anthology coming out from Rebel Press. Why? First up, I'm in it, but secondly, the book is full of people like me - the literary equivalent of a room full of bridesmaids. The entire anthology consists of folks who've been ignored by the major presses (if not all the presses). And every one of 'em - I'd like to think present company included - can tell a darn good tale. My story involves a repo man who has to hire an Amish sidekick to collect a Russian bride after his co-worker gets bitten by a deadly snake. Seriously. You can actually read a little of it here. It's probably not the best story in the book, but it's the only one to include a violent Amish man.


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