Today's Cool New Product

Those busy beavers at Google are at it again. Just this morning, they released Google Notebook. In a well-written nutshell:

The idea behind it is that you can use it to takenotes about web pages , and copy snippets from those pages, and keep them in notebooks, whichyou can keep private, or make accessible to the public. A link to the page where you found the material makes it easy to return to the source ofthe information.

Notebooks can be organized into sections, and can contain images as well as text. The program can be accessed from more than one computer, which means that the information contained within it is stored by Google rather than on your own computer.

While I’ve seen other products that do a similar sort of thing, the fact that Google has it means there’s a greater chance of traction.

To view my own public notebook, just go here.


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