Genesis of a Viral Marketing Campaign

Ever since I started with NXTbook, I've been actively seeking ways to get the NXTbook format into readers' hands, simply because unbiased users are the best way to figure out if your product features make sense.

While we typically do test-cases with most of our clients, it's not exactly the same - Sometimes, the publisher already knows what they want the results to say. Other times, there are certain questions they don't want asked. Most importantly, they tend to frown upon experimentation with their customer base, and I don't blame them. So how do you get honest open feedback?

At NXTbook, we decided to launch The NXT Big Thing - a publication produced for us by us. This way, we can tweak the format how we like and get feedback from a more diverse group of people.

The bonus is that readers get treated to some outstanding writing, totally free of charge. We just launched our first issue, which features Rajesh Petty, well-known blogger of Life Beyond Code fame. He graciously donated his latest book, Personal Branding for the Technology Professional. I encourage you to please check out The NXT Big Thing here.


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