Recovery Socks - Need a New Brand

Summer is here and the running is... well, heavy. Four weeks into the marathon season and the miles are adding up.

Last year, I become "compression crazy" and used Zensah recovery sleeves and Skins all during the fall.

In a nutshell, I found the Zensahs to be superior for recovery but too warm for running and I found the Skins to be cool enough for running, but they lost their elasticity within a month (which pretty much rendered them all but useless).

Research is sketchy on the power of recovery socks while running but from personal experience I can tell you that wearing them after running helps BIG time. But I'm wondering if I need to put up with sweaty calves all summer long from the Zensahs?


  1. huh. I just buy my socks at Target. 9 marathons later I just don't like how thin the specialty socks are....

    Your poll is closed, but I'm here because I'm a runner (obviously... lol)

  2. Started using 2Xu comppression socks last year about September. Right now you wouldn't catch me dead trail running with compression socks on. I sweat gallons enough as it is. For recovery though...they rock. I use them for cycle recovery also. A good investment that's for sure.

  3. I use Oxysox and absolutely love them, but I don't wear them while running. I just put them on later.

  4. My favorite compression equipment is the one supplied by Doctor Arthritis and their awesome knee compression sleeves. You should give them a try.


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