If You're a Runner, Buy This Book...

Hardly a out-on-the-ledge pick, as Born to Run, by Christopher McDougall is currently ranked #61 on Amazon. Still, the PR department at Knopf can't take all the credit. This book is insanely good.

Here's the deal:
The author stumbles across a mysterious trail guide who takes him to see the Tarahumara, the famed reclusive Mexican runners of the Copper Canyons. While there, he learns the secrets of their injury-free (and FUN!) running. You could stop the book there and still have it be a good read, but noooo..

From there, the author returns to the Copper Canyons to compete in a 50 mile race against the Tarahumara, Barefoot Ted, Scott Jurek, Jenn Shelton, et. al.

Not convinced? How about cameos by Joe Vigil and some of the best theories of Why We Run sprinkled in for fun? Oh yeah, there's nutrition, too, as evidenced by the two bags of chia seeds I just bought. It's been a quiet summer for running books, but this one makes up for it. It's truly 2 (or 3) great books in one.

Lancaster County connection: Though the story takes place mostly in Mexico and in other places, McDougall hangs his hat in Peach Bottom, PA.


  1. I loved Born to Run too. I 'read' it in audiobook form--and thought the reader did a great job. The mix of science and story was fascinating. It would definitely be at the top of my favorite running books list.


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