First Long Run With the Dexcom 7

On Saturday, I took the DexCom with me for a 14 miler.

My biggest fear about using the Dex (instead of Medtronic) was having a second device and a relatively big one at that. The DexCom receiver is actually a little taller than my BlackBerry storm and is exactly as wide at its widest point.

My idea was to put the Dex into the big pocket of my RaceReady shorts, but once the Storm was in there, that wasn't happening. (Side note: I love my BlackBerry Storm, but it's not good for hauling around on the roads.)

Instead, I decided to use the DexCom holster and just clip it to my waistband. Surprisingly, this worked like a charm. In the end, what I didn't realize about the Dex is that while it is every bit as big as a cellphone, it's not nearly as dense. It's a relatively lightweight device and with a secure clip in place, it doesn't bounce at all.

When I hit the road, my blood sugar was 125. I didn't want to obsess about it, though, so I decided to check it every 2-3 miles, which is pretty much what I did. For the first half of the run, the blood sugar barely moved, always staying between 125 and 130. I kept my pump on a very small basal rate the same time.

As I moved into the second half of the run, though, things started shifting... the blood sugar started creeping up but I also wanted to take a gel because my energy was getting low. This was important, though, as I began to think of the gel not as something to keep my blood sugar up, but as something to fuel my body. I took the gel and took a half bolus, which was good enough to have me finish the run around 150.

All in all, an extremely informative run.

Quite frankly, the entire Dex experience has been crazy educational. This is only my 5th day of using it and already I'm beginning to shift basal rates around. It's difficult, of course, because my body requirements on days when I run 14 miles are a lot different on days when I run none. Not to mention, there's a definite pressure to quickly correct highs, but that just starts a big yo-yo effect. But still, I've got zero complaints and am certain that using the Dex will lead to much better A1C's and - hopefully - a successful marathon plan.

RE: the marathon plan... I'm in week 4(?) of the Higdon Intermediate 2. It's meant as a step-down week, but I've got a 5k race this weekend, so we'll see how rested I am after that.

In other news, I tripped on last Friday's run, spraining my wrist when I landed. I did get it x-rayed and was happy to see x-rays negative. But I stretched the hand and wrist out quite a bit and am wearing a brace, now, waiting for it to heal. Not a lot of fun, but better than a sharp stick in the eye, so there's that. Over the weekend, I couldn't even work the BlackBerry, but I'm back to painful (and poor) typing, so healing of some sort is underway.

Up to NYC to speak on a panel tomorrow... After that, no business travel for the foreseeable future, which puts a smile on my face. :)


  1. Glad to hear you like the CGM. From a carrying standpoint, you may want to try a spibelt. You see them a lot at the running expos before a big event. I find it very comfortable to wear. I use it for my mp3 player.

  2. Glad to hear you like your CGM so far. From a carrying standpoint, you may want to try a SpiBelt. I use one to carry my MP3 player. I like it.

    How did you arrive at the DexCom 7 vs the Medtronic? I know you use a Medtronic pump. Anyway, good luck with the CGM.

  3. Al,

    No sooner did you write that than SpiBelt posted a 10% off coupon on TuDiabetes... ChaChing!

    RE: Dex over Medtronic - I hope to move to the new generation Animas pump next year, which will speak to the Dex. Also, the gauge of the Dex needle is thinner than the Medtronic and I felt that comfort would be important to me.

    That being said: carrying around another device ISN'T fun, so I'll be happy when the new Animas comes out.

  4. sorry to hear about your wrist!!

    I love the dex. It puts me into a small rage that my insurance won't cover it at all. It is so helpful.



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