I Love NY - Or At Least Running in NY

Truth is, I don't really *love* NY. Frankly, it's too much of too much for my taste. And on this particular trip, which included a cabbie that didn't know where Ground Zero was (????) and a botched hotel reservation, I really got my fill of the city mighty quick this time.

However, there was a bright spot. Most trips, I stay up-town and run Central Park. This time, I stayed downtown, which gave me the opportunity to run Battery Park.

What's amazing to a small town runner who rarely sees other runners except in races is HOW MANY people run in these relatively few place in NYC. I must've seen 75 runners in my six miles today (a good bit less than what I see in Central Park, but still a lot).

I'm the world's worst photographer, but I always take the cell phone w/ me when I run in different places as a way to document new sites. I had a great view of the Statue of Liberty but took a horrible photograph, but here's a fairly decent one of the Brooklyn Bridge taken just before I turned around at the half-way point of my run.


  1. Anonymous4:45 PM

    Oh, how I love New York City....

  2. NY, NY, NY I hate it . . .Including NYC. Can you tell I want to move down south :P

  3. Anonymous8:31 AM

    I feel the same way about NY as you do...for me, it's a place I like only in the smallest of doses. That said, I really am looking forward to the NY Marathon this year!

    It is fun to get out and run when you're traveling - it gives you a pretty unique window into the place you're visiting. I'm hoping to get out for a couple of runs when I'm on vacation this week in WY.

    Oh, and I don't think you can claim the title of world's worst photographer - I probably have you beat on that one!


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