Vanity Run Amok - The Brave Run Pics

I've been meaning to bump up this comment from a few weeks ago:

I was at that race (ed. note: The Brave Run). I was the one shooting the race, with the yellow lab. My girlfriend was running the 1/2M, but was nowhere near as fast as the rest of you. I think I got a few picts of you. You're more than welcome to view my photos in a public gallery. All my photos are free for download, but I do appreciate any small non-deductible donations or gifts, just so I can pay for gas and some time to cleanup the photos. Its not about the money. Just trying to offer a near-free service to the runners. If you want: take a look at

Please pass it along if you know of anyone who ran the Brave the Race and also the Pickle Runs at Ridley Creek State Park. It doesn't look like Oct.High School is going to post anything soon.

Thanks and Good Running

Thanks, Matt, for the pic - the best of which I've uploaded here. I don't remember you or the dog but no worries - I had very little oxygen rattling around in my skull at the time. :)


  1. Dude, you look like you want to kick someone's A$% in that pic.(I don't mean that in a bad way :-) ) Very nice!

  2. Thanks for stopping by. Good luck in that 5 miler!


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