April in the Rearview

Like the King of Rock-n-Roll, April's gone. Let's do a recap:

  • 147.8 miles of running. My second best month to date and only two schedules days of running missed.
  • A difficult half marathon, but a hard-fought one.
  • Long runs up to 14 miles.
  • The best parts? A good 40% more mileage than last April, when I was finishing training for a triathlon.

Heading into May, here are the goals:

  • Keep the long runs up, at least two 15 milers.
  • If I think I'm ready, slowly try to sneak in a 6th day of running per week. I'm concerned about this one, but aim to start low and slow with the 6th day.
  • Start pushing the tempo - doing 1 tempo run per week.
  • Keep the miles up. The end of May, start of June will bring 3 races, which will inevitably cause mileage to dip. Put the miles in now so it won't matter later.


  1. I had an almost eerily similar month: 147.6 miles and a (not as windy) half-marathon. What are you looking at for races in the upcoming month?


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