Shiny New Meter...

Just three days after Jamie warned me I'd be getting a new meter from Medtronic, mine showed up. Kudos for Medtronic for not making me wait, since I'm still not over the Global Heroes mess.

(Sidebar: Realizing it's May 1st, this means you now must turn the calendar page of your Medtronic calendar and says Goodbye to me, Mr. April. It's been a fun month of staring at myself, but it's time to move on. This month's star? Abigail H. She's cuter than me, but considering she looks about 4, I think I could take her in a triathlon. Well, maybe not on the bike.)

Anywho - the meter. Medtronic did the right thing for once, partnering with the leading meter company and not those goofballs at BD, who haven't seemed to be able to provide consistent quality at anything diabetic except alcohol swabs, sugar tablets and syringes (in other words, things that don't require technology). This time around, they partnered with LifeScan.

What does it do? Basically, the meter sends a wireless signal of your blood sugar reading to your pump. So, all of your data is in one place, where you can then upload it to the website (via a wireless signal to a USB-thingie) which I haven't done yet. Certainly, there's a value to having all of your data in one place, and since the meter is a good one this time, I'll use it. Those betwixt and befuddled by their blood sugars stand to learn a lot from this integration, though I'm not expecting radical changes on my end.

Nice work, Medtronic. But I'm still mad at you.


  1. Yeah,
    I'm still mad at Medtronic, too, but that's a topic for another day.

    I got my new OneTouch UltraLink yesterday, also.

    Here are some discussion points:

    LifeScan, the glucose meter company, and Animas, the insulin pump company, are both Johnson & Johnson companies.
    Will a OneTouch for Animas be developed?

    The meter came with 10 strips. Yay. It's been about 20 hours since I got the meter, and I now have one strip left.
    So, if I'm going to use this meter, I'll go back to my FreeStyle Flash until I get my prescription changed.
    The meter also came with 10 lancets, which will last me... forever. But wait, there's more. If I send in the warranty card, they will send me 20 more lancets.
    I don't think this is an accident. I would be very surprised to learn that they haven't done enough market research to know how often diabetics change their lancets.
    Oh, well. It was free.
    I am thinking I may use this meter most of the time, but I will continue to use the Flash while running. It's much smaller and easier to stuff in a pocket.


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