Type 1 Diabetes Cured By Halle Berry.

This will definitely help people understand diabetes:

HALLE BERRY is winning her battle with diabetes, thanks to a healthy diet and good living. The actress was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes after she passed out while shooting a TV show called Living Dolls when she first arrived in Hollywood. But the disease has now dropped to Type 2 diabetes because Berry is no longer "insulin dependent".

For her next trick, Berry hopes to turn her eyes blue and morph her feet into fins via the power of suggestion, because - you know - stars can do that kind of stuff.


  1. Pretty freaking amazing.
    I had heard before that Halle Berry was type 1, but after I read this, I googled around for just a minute and found an article from 2005 that said she had been diagnosed as type 2, but was taking daily insulin injections.
    She was an insulin-dependent type 2 diabetic, and now she is no longer insulin-dependent.
    I'm sure it's all this mix up of what it means to be type 1 or 2, insulin-dependent or not.
    You're right, if this story keeps spreading, it is going to result in a lot of ignorant advice for you and me. However, it was interesting to see that all of the comments on that article were right on. It's rare that not even one idiot takes the wrong side on something like that. Maybe there's hope.

  2. Looking a little more, I find all kinds of web pages which say Halle Berry is type 1. Several pages say she is a volunteer for the Juvenile Diabetes Association. There doesn't seem to be any such group though. There's the ADA and the JDRF, but no JDA.
    I'm confused.
    She is a spokesperson for Diabetes Aware, an entertainment industry information campaign.

  3. Thanks for putting this blog out there.

    I was diagnosed as Type 2 in July 2005. The following summer, after a really high A1C that almost resulted in the cancellation of a mission trip, I begin to exercise.

    My A1C went from 11 to 7.6 as a result of some aggressive meds and then started dropping due to exercise in weight loss. Last time it was 6.5. I no longer take Glipizide and my dosage of Metformin was cut in half.

    Knowing that there's someone else out there with some good info is encouraging. I've added you to my reader and blogroll.


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